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What’s an Itch Anyway

Written August 1, 2013 8:03pm by Beth Waltemath
We have a date to return to the ENT surgery team. September 12 to 16. We will scope on Thursday and admit her for three nights of capping.

We wish we could prepare, train for this like a runner increases his cardiovascular gradually, but that’s not how this team does it. Run the marathon first in this case.

We have been in a holding pattern this summer when we expected to be Free to take family vacations and trach free travels. Our nurses had dreams of moving on too. One is due with her first child soon. Disappointment has a way of testing the nerves.

Since our failed test, Margaret has showed new anxiety over doctors visits and definitely the little plastic cap. She found it one day in a box and said ” mommy I need to return this to the hospital. I don’t like it.” This week she cried I. My arms while feverish in the pediatrician’s office begging to go home even though the doctor barely touched her.”

We are itching to move on! And now she has an all over skin rash . She scratches up against everything like a cat. Oatmeal baths, calamine, Benadryl, cool layer pajamas. No relief. “Mommy, mommy why? Why?” Each day the bumps just multiply. What is that sensation that torments us under the skin, in our
heads? What causes it? Where is its source? If waiting it out is the only treatment, how long can you bear it?

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