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First Follow Up after the LTP – April 2013

Margaret went into the OR early this morning. She was not happy when she saw the surgeon’s hat. She really fought the gas over her trach. She knows the drill by now, almost 20 procedures in, and doesn’t like it!

We are back in our room recovering. It is brightened by 3 beautiful balloons from Sunday school friends.

The airway looks good now. The grafts took. More will be determined next week depending on how her airway reacts without the stent.

She came out of anesthesia quickly and angry, coughing and thrashing ; really thrown by her new upper airway and possibly aspirating her own saliva. She’s calmer now with help of narcotics and Diego.

We meet with speech therapy later today. She has a lot to learn to protect this new airway if she is going to eat by mouth again.

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