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“As to Be Expected”

Written April 17, 2013 1:24pm by Beth Waltemath
We can move forward slowly. Today’s scope showed swelling: “as to be expected,” but also the grafts still taking nicely. To me the whole area looked puffy and oozy like a jelly yeast donut, but our surgeon and his fellow are satisfied with the results and tell us to return in 4-6 weeks. We hope to plan it for the first of June.

Apparently the aspirating she is experiencing is disappointing but “not uncommon” and most likely will resolve in 6 weeks with the help of a feeding therapist and as the swelling goes down. “Persistent aspiration is rare” reassured the surgeon before our scope.

We also had them check her exhalation pressure when she uses the PMV (speaking valve) and were cleared to use a modified one (with 1/16 drill bit hole) to encourage better swallow and eating.

Overall, today brought good news. They will still only tell us what is happening one step and no further ahead. But considering the range of other possibilities we’ve heard from veteran trach parents: grafts dissolving, dislodging, airways swelling closed, stents needing replacement, new rib grafts, multiple balloon dilations etc, we feel this is the best realistic outcome to say we are swollen but on track and no further intervention needed for now.

My dad flies up tomorrow morning to help me drive Margaret to Nashville for the night and then back to Atlanta. I can’t wait to start Harry Potter, Book 2 with James!


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