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Thank you for visiting Saying Grace.  Seriously, thank you.  Connecting with you is something to be thankful for.  It might be the only opportunity we have today to step outside ourselves and see the possibilities the universe has in it for new connections and growth.

Saying Grace is based on the principle that the path to enlightenment is founded on a simple practice and openness to be changed by that practice.

I am a mother, a minister, a wife, and a writer.  The most religious thing my family did growing up was say a table blessing before we ate dinner together every night.  Yet, I found myself going to church on my own as a teenager and being ordained at the age of twenty-nine to serve the most gracious community in Brooklyn for four more years.  While leading worship and pregnant with my second child, my water broke at 18 weeks gestation.  If she were to be born before Christmas, she would be stillborn.  We named her ______ Grace, recognizing that children live fully in their parents’ hearts even if they never fully live and that grace can be as harrowing as it can be holy.  She was born at 5am on New Year’s Eve.

I left all preconceived notions of what spiritual beliefs are behind while fighting for my daughter’s medically fragile life.  No matter what I knew or didn’t know about the future of our family or the world, I got through by mustering a moment of gratitude once a day.

Saying thank you is my practice.  So “thank you” for reading this.  There I’ve said it.  I’m done for the day…now let’s see what happens.


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  1. Stephanie Lange #

    THANK YOU for your beautiful writing and sharing your experiences and thoughts with us all. You are a great teacher.

    December 11, 2013
  2. tara loyd #

    What an unexpected treat to find your new blog. I’ve let our return to the U.S make me so busy it took a bus stuck in the snow during my commute home to make the time. And I am grateful I did. I look forward to reading your posts and feeling connected across the miles to an old friend and fellow mother. Something has changed in my understanding of your last 4 years now that I am a mother too and I think of you often.
    Love from the snow storm, Tara

    December 17, 2013

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